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Neapolitan or Pan Pizza 

Pers.~6.60 Sm.~11.25 Lg.~12.75

Made with our signature sauce or white


Traditional Toppings 

Sausage, Mushrooms, Anchovies, Pepperoni,

Hot Peppers, Garlic, Meatball, Fresh Tomato, Spinach,

Onions, Bacon, Broccoli, Ground Beef, Black Olives,

Ham, Green Peppers or Ricotta Cheese


Full Toppings

Pers.~1.00 Sm.~1.50 Lg.~1.75 


1/2 Toppings

Pers.~.75 Sm.~1.00 Lg.~1.25 


Specialty Toppings 

Chicken, Eggplant, Shrimp or Pineapple.


Full Toppings

Pers.~1.85 Sm.~2.25 Lg.~2.50


1/2 Toppings

Pers.~1.25 Sm.~1.50 Lg.~1.75 


Extra Cheese

Pers.~2.00 Sm.~2.25 Lg.~2.50



Specialty Pizza 


Two Guys Special

Pers.~11.60 Sm.~17.95 Lg.~20.25

Pepperoni, sausage, green peppers,

onions and mushrooms


Vegetable Pizza

Pers.~11.60 Sm.~17.25 Lg.~20.25 

Green peppers, onions, spinach, broccoli,

mushrooms and black olives


Hot Wing Pizza

Pers.~9.45 Sm.~14.70 Lg.~16.75


BBQ Chicken 

Pers.~9.45 Sm.~14.70 Lg.~16.75 


Chicken Cheesesteak 

Pers.~10.30 Sm.~15.75 Lg.~17.75 

Chicken, 2 cheeses and seasoning



Pers.~10.60 Sm.~16.05 Lg.~18.75 

Pepperoni, bacon, sausage and BBQ


Shrimp & Garlic 

Pers.~9.45 Sm.~14.70 Lg.~16.75



Pers.~9.45 Sm.~14.70 Lg.~16.75 


Fresh Tomato & Basil

Pers.~8.60 Sm.~13.65 Lg.~15.75 


Pizza Rolls


Pepperoni Roll 6.50 

Mixed Vegetable Roll 6.50

Shrimp Roll 7.70

Shrimp & Vegetables 6.50

Mushroom Roll 6.50 

Mozzarella 6.00

Combine Your Own - Add up to 4 items .50 each

"Went there today. Very friendly people there. Good pizza"

- Miles F.

Local Delivery After 5pm

Sun. - Thur.- 11am - 11pm

Fri. & Sat. - 11am - 12 am

Closed 1 hour earlier during winter months.



Pizza, Calzone, Stromboli and more

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Sicilian Pizza 



Pers.~6.50 Sm.~11.95 Lg.~16.95 


Two Guys Special

Pers.~11.50 Sm.~17.95 Lg.~24.45 




Slices & Such


Slice 2.00 

Toppings add .45

Ask your server about specialty slices available





Sausage Roll 




Sm.~6.75 Lg.~7.75

Each filling add sm.~.50, lg.~.75